• Jesus in Seattle?

    Jesus in Seattle is a blog dedicated to looking for where Jesus might be at work among neighborhoods and people in Seattle, and the formation of communities of faith on every block, in every neighborhood, in all of Seattle.

    For the spiritually curious, Jesus in Seattle will allow you to observe from a distance what it looks like when communities of Christ followers join together to seek the welfare of the communities they inhabit.

    For Christ followers, Jesus in Seattle will help you to look out for what Jesus is doing in our city, and challenge you to join him.

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Moving Day

I’m moving my old posts over to joemacias.com, and will be using that domain to add new posts in the future.  Jesusinseattle.wordpress.com will eventually become just jesusinseattle.com and be an ezine format with multiple authors. More info on that to come down the road.  But for now, all of my personal blogging will continue over … Continue reading

David Fitch on Post Christendom

The video above is of David Fitch, pastor at Life on the Vine in suburban Chicagoland. David is a brilliant thinker who lovingly addresses some of today’s most important issues for the church. His book, The Great Giveaway, was formational for me several years ago in helping me to process what the mission of the … Continue reading

The Tangible Kingdom Week 3

What is Incarnational? This week’s chapter of The Tangible Kingdom began with the question, “what is incarnational?” The previous chapter asked the question, “what is missional?” I think that understanding one within the context of the other is so helpful and important. One thing that we’ve noticed in our group going through the workbook, is … Continue reading

Go Heart Your Own City

I have a small bone to pick. Forgive me… I live in Seattle. Not the greater Seattle area, not the Puget Sound region. The city of Seattle, in the Fremont neighborhood. This is the place and people that I feel compelled to work among, calling them to faith in Jesus and working from within this … Continue reading

The Tangible Kingdom Week 2

Slightly offended. That’s how I think I would sum up much of our conversation this last Tuesday night. We have finished the first week of The Tangible Kingdom primer, and had gathered together to eat, pray, and discuss our experience over the last week. The first week of the workbook is a guide to the … Continue reading

The Tangible Kingdom Week 1

This last Tuesday evening, a group of us gathered in our apartment to begin an 8 week introduction to missional and incarnational living and habits. We are using The Tangible Kingdom Primer as a resource to help guide us through the questions surrounding what it looks like for a group of Christ followers to fully … Continue reading

Practice What You Can’t Do

A few months ago, I decided to pick up playing the guitar, as a hobby. I’m never going to be a professional, because that’s not my goal. But it gives me a creative outlet, and allows me to spend some time each week putting 100% of my focus into something other than planting a church … Continue reading

What Does This Look Like?

I’ve put together some 30,000 foot view thoughts on what the emergence of this new faith community in Seattle will look like over the coming months and years to help us understand where we are going and who we will and will not be. I’ve shared this with several people, and thought I’d post some … Continue reading

Lots of Questions. Fewer Answers.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a group of friends over to the apartment to discuss what it would look like for us to form a network of Missional Communities in neighborhoods throughout Seattle in an effort to saturate neighborhoods and people groups with the visible presence of Jesus, and make new disciples.  A … Continue reading

I’ve Never Done This Before

This last Sunday night, I did something I’ve never done before. I’ve had plenty of experiences in my life related to ministry and my chosen pastoral vocation. I’ve started and led small groups, designed outreach events for thousands of people, led groups on home and foreign missions trips, designed and run week long summer camps, … Continue reading