Lots of Questions. Fewer Answers.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a group of friends over to the apartment to discuss what it would look like for us to form a network of Missional Communities in neighborhoods throughout Seattle in an effort to saturate neighborhoods and people groups with the visible presence of Jesus, and make new disciples.  A lot of great discussion happened, and naturally a lot of great questions were asked.  I thought I would publish as many of the questions I could remember here, and extend the conversation to others who may be considering a similar work in their neighborhoods.

I think the questions we discussed help us to identify where our starting place might be as we seek to align our lives with Jesus’ mission in our context. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Is there Biblical and historical precedent for this form of church life?
  • What do the Missional Communities’ meetings look like?
  • Do we tithe?
  • Do the members of a Missional Community live in the same neighborhood as each other?
  • Does our context (Seattle) require churches to take on new forms?
  • How do we foster age & racial diversity within each Missional Community?
  • Will there be a theological framework that we operate within?
  • What does leadership/eldership look like in this form of church?
  • What are the “rhythms of a disciple”?
  • Will we give the network a name? And/or will we name each Missional Community?
  • How do we address changing organizational needs as growth occurs?
  • Are the Missional Community meeting times an appropriate place for not yet disciples to visit?
  • How does an Missional Community determine when to change the people group they are seeking to reach?
  • Who is responsible for leading each Missional Community?
  • How are they identified and trained?
  • What happens if a nutjob/heretic/predator launches a Missional Community?

These were all such excellent questions, and we discussed them at length during our time together. I won’t talk about any answers in this post, though I may discuss some of these questions on the blog over the next few weeks and months.

What do you think? Are there any questions you have that were not brought up here? Do you have any thoughts or insight to any of these questions?


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