An Afternoon Walk Through Fremont

I took my camera with me an a walk through Fremont this afternoon. What we see and notice through taking pictures can tell us a lot about our communities. What can you infer about Fremont from this simple slideshow? (you’ll have to excuse the vertical pics showing up horizontal; wordpress slideshow issues I’m working on) … Continue reading

Coming To a New Church Near You

Just ran across this today; a very funny satire of so many of our church services!

Five Movies Christians Hated

In this months’ City Arts magazine, Tim Appelo interviewed former Christianity Today film critic and current Seattleite Jeffrey Overstreet about movies that Christians, generally, hated or boycotted, and makes a short case for why they shouldn’t have reacted the way they did to those films. Here’s the article online. And here’s his list: 1. Monty Python’s … Continue reading

Why Seattle?

Eugene Peterson reminds us that the Pastoral vocation is highly dependant on geography — where we find ourselves.  In speaking about the work of helping people and cultures to identify Jesus’ work among them, Peterson states: In order to do this, geography – this place, its latitude and longitude, its annual rainfall, and the people … Continue reading

Jesus Beat You To It

I mentioned in my introductory post that I strongly believe that Jesus is already at work among peoples and cultures in Seattle. Part of the skill set we should develop as disciples is the ability to identify where and how Jesus is at work, point it out to others, and invite people to join Him … Continue reading

Seattle Needs More Gathering Places

Stuart Silk over at Crosscut wrote a nice little piece today about Seattle’s need for more public gathering places, specifically community centers, located in the heart of our urban villages. He cites Seattles somewhat recent master plan to remodel, build, and revitalize our public libraries for the benefit of Seattle residents which spanned from 1998 … Continue reading

By Way of Introduction

Hello. I’m usually uncomfortable with  introductions. When I meet somebody, I wish we could just fast forward through the first several minutes of our interaction; maybe even the entire first interaction, and just move ahead into a place where we are both already comfortable with each other. However, seeing as the world, thankfully, doesn’t conform … Continue reading