David Fitch on Post Christendom

The video above is of David Fitch, pastor at Life on the Vine in suburban Chicagoland. David is a brilliant thinker who lovingly addresses some of today’s most important issues for the church. His book, The Great Giveaway, was formational for me several years ago in helping me to process what the mission of the … Continue reading

Go Heart Your Own City

I have a small bone to pick. Forgive me… I live in Seattle. Not the greater Seattle area, not the Puget Sound region. The city of Seattle, in the Fremont neighborhood. This is the place and people that I feel compelled to work among, calling them to faith in Jesus and working from within this … Continue reading

What Does This Look Like?

I’ve put together some 30,000 foot view thoughts on what the emergence of this new faith community in Seattle will look like over the coming months and years to help us understand where we are going and who we will and will not be. I’ve shared this with several people, and thought I’d post some … Continue reading