The Tangible Kingdom Week 3

What is Incarnational? This week’s chapter of The Tangible Kingdom began with the question, “what is incarnational?” The previous chapter asked the question, “what is missional?” I think that understanding one within the context of the other is so helpful and important. One thing that we’ve noticed in our group going through the workbook, is … Continue reading

Go Heart Your Own City

I have a small bone to pick. Forgive me… I live in Seattle. Not the greater Seattle area, not the Puget Sound region. The city of Seattle, in the Fremont neighborhood. This is the place and people that I feel compelled to work among, calling them to faith in Jesus and working from within this … Continue reading

The Tangible Kingdom Week 2

Slightly offended. That’s how I think I would sum up much of our conversation this last Tuesday night. We have finished the first week of The Tangible Kingdom primer, and had gathered together to eat, pray, and discuss our experience over the last week. The first week of the workbook is a guide to the … Continue reading

The Tangible Kingdom Week 1

This last Tuesday evening, a group of us gathered in our apartment to begin an 8 week introduction to missional and incarnational living and habits. We are using The Tangible Kingdom Primer as a resource to help guide us through the questions surrounding what it looks like for a group of Christ followers to fully … Continue reading